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Sudoku! - Tap to play
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Sudoku! - Tap to play Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

A carefully designed app, as simple as complete.
The classic Sudoku game but with some cool features:

Dark Mode
Enjoy the full experience on OLED devices.

Quick mode
Train yourself in a countdown version and do as many sudokus as you can!

Have you ever been stuck playing a sudoku? This app won't tell you a random cell number as others do, it will explain the next step!

Infinite sudokus
It comes with an built-in generator, ensuring the quality of the sudokus. Endless fun :p


Sudoku! also has the typical features:
Three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
Undo unlimited times

This app has been developed with the latest Android functions and is based on Google's Material Design guidelines, to provide the best user experience.

Available in the following languages: English, Galician and Spanish.

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Sudoku! - Tap to play

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