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The Black Tower descends upon us, and the Monarch is coming. Tarisland, a new cross-platform game that brings back the fun of iconic MMORPGs, will launch soon. Recreating the challenging dungeons and immersive exploration experience with a classic fantasy art style, Tarisland will be available on both PC and mobile with data-sharing enabled. You may choose from 9 classes and 18 specializations to customize your own builds. Raid with your group and take down epic bosses!

[Class & Talent System]
Inspired by the classic trio of warrior-mage-priest, the game offers up to 9 unique classes, each with 2 specializations for you to choose from.

[Create Your Own Build]
Each class features a flexible and extensive talent tree system, which can be easily customized for different battle scenarios and allows you to find your signature builds.

[Challenge Various Dungeons & Raids]
The game brings back the classic raid & dungeons system, allowing you to work with your team and take down formidable epic bosses.

[Explore the Vast World]
Explore the boundless game world, solve all kinds of mysteries, and enjoy your unique adventure.

[Enjoy the Game on PC & Mobile]
The game is available on both PC and mobile, allowing you to challenge dungeons and raids with your team anytime and anywhere.

[Trade in Auction House]
You can boost the development of your characters via collecting, mining, crafting, and other professions and earn gold coins by listing your items in the Auction House.

[Contact Us]
Official Websites: https://tarisglobal.com/en/home.html 
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yEvyYmShYT
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tarislandofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Taris_Official


Tarisland: Enhance Your Gameplay with These Essential Cheats & Mods!

Class Mastery Hack: Gain access to all specializations for each class from the beginning, allowing players to experiment freely with different builds without having to unlock them through gameplay.

Instant Talent Reset Mod: Enable players to reset their talent points instantly and for free, allowing them to adapt to different challenges without the usual cooldown or cost.

Boss Encounter Helper Mod: Integrate an overlay or UI mod that provides real-time tips and strategies during boss encounters, helping players coordinate better and anticipate enemy moves.

Infinite Exploration Stamina Cheat: Remove the stamina system for exploration, allowing players to roam the world freely without limitations, discovering hidden secrets and treasures at their own pace.

Enhanced Auction House Tools: Implement tools within the Auction House interface that provide advanced search filters, price history graphs, and automatic bidding options, streamlining the trading experience for players.

Customized Character Appearance Cheat: Unlock all character customization options from the start, allowing players to freely modify their avatar's appearance without restrictions.

Resource Duplication Glitch: Exploit a glitch that allows players to duplicate resources obtained through gathering, mining, or crafting, providing an unlimited supply of materials for character development and item crafting.

Solo Raid Mode Cheat: Enable a mode that scales raid encounters for solo players, allowing them to challenge and defeat raid bosses alone with adjusted difficulty levels.

Story Mode Unlocker: Unlock a story mode difficulty setting that removes combat challenges from dungeons and raids, allowing players to focus solely on the narrative and exploration aspects of the game.

These cheats, mods, and hacks could enhance the gameplay experience for players in various ways, providing additional flexibility, convenience, and customization options within the world of Tarisland.

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