Celestial Assault 2 (Full) (2024) Game Cheats and Hacks

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Celestial Assault 2 (Full)
Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Destroy the alien hordes, upgrade your ship, unlock powerful weapons and skills! 4.5

Celestial Assault 2 (Full) Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

***full version includes Mission Pack, Score Multiplier and Ad-Free for a $1.99 USD discount***
***full version does not contain in-app purchases. The leader board is separate from the Free version to keep it fair***

80 mission, 8 challenging boss fights, 60+ unique enemies, endless hours of fun. No Ads, No In-App Purchases, no temptation... just a great app for one low price!

Celestial Assault Reloaded is a blend of retro style side scrolling space shooter and RPG.

The alien scourge is back and it's up to you to save humanity! Blast your way through the alien hordes, level-up your spaceship, unlock powerful weapons and skills to take on overwhelming odds in the most challenging and engaging side scrolling space shooter around, absolutely free!

As a complete re-imagination of the 2012 original, Celestial Assault: Reloaded delivers an engaging and unique challenge unlike any other space shooter.

- Awesome Shmup elements paying homage to great retro games like R-Type, Gradius and Life-force
- RPG style ship leveling
- 80 missions with 60+ unique enemies
- 8 challenging boss fights
- 3 additional difficulty levels for a more intense experience every time
- 7 Powerful Special Weapons and tons of upgrade able stats to help you on your quest to save the world
- Beautiful dynamic space scenes
- Awesome soundtrack
- Challenging and diverse game-play with extensive replay-ability
- Purchasable shortcuts and game add-ins
- global online leader board

Celestial Assault 2 (Full) Game Tweaks, Tips, and Tricks for PC, iOS and Android

Celestial Assault 2 (Full) Game Mods and Features

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Celestial Assault 2 (Full)

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