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Wormix: PvP Tactical Shooter
Garden of Dreams Games Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Multiplayer or individual PvP battle game based on guns, tactics and action 3.6

Wormix: PvP Tactical Shooter Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Wormix is a arcade, strategy and shooter game for your mobile phone. You can fight PvP with 2 or more friends using the multiplayer mode or also play against the computer. There are many guns and weapons to choose from and bring mayhem to your screen!

The beauty of Wormix is that unlike many action or shooting games, you need to pay attention to tactics to win. Shooting bullet after bullet and hoping for the best will not be enough. All your skills and smarts are tested making Wormix one of the most complete fighting games available on mobile.

PLEASE NOTE: Wormix requires 1GB of RAM memory to function.

- Play online multiplayer games with friends in one of the many diverse settings Wormix offers
- Develop tactics in co op games and develop ways to strike your opponents cleverly
- Duel with one of your friends for bragging rights on who is the best shot
- Play in single-player mode against the computer anywhere you want to develop your skills
- Plenty of characters of various races with different characteristics to choose from (boxers, battle cats, beasts, monsters, etc.)
- Improve your character by taking it to war and battle royale situations where it can attack different enemies and get combat experience
- Prepare your next major assault against your enemies with a boom using one of the dozens of fun weapons and gadgets including a rope, spiders, flying saucers, a jet pack and so much more
- Discover plenty of diverse maps with thrilling features that take you from open air settings with islands in the sky to destroyed megacities, lost planets, or abandoned ghost towns

- Download the moible game and create your profile
- Create your character and change its clothes and appearance
- Tell your friends to install the mobile game if you want to play this gun game in multiplayer mode
- Play in PvP games against the computer in the settings of your choice
- Develop and improve your character through playing

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Wormix: PvP Tactical Shooter

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