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Crime City: Hidden Object
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Crime City: Hidden Object Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Best free detective game of 2023 returns for a new season! Lizzy Dark not gonna make it without her buddy cop. So grab your gun and solve another high-profile case!

5 Things You Must Know About This Hit Whodunit

What’s going on here?
In case you missed it, Crime City Detective is a police procedural crime drama turned into a free hidden object game. Every criminal case is a separate chapter and present all sorts of crimes, from art center burglary to bombing and white collar crimes. However, as the story unfolds, you start suspecting a puppeteer behind it all. It's getting so that you will have to challenge one of the brightest criminal minds of the world… or even a secret society that leaves mafia far behind.

So, it’s just all about finding objects, right?
NO. Actually, this HOG offers lots of activities and ways to progress. Scouring hidden object scenes is basically crime scene investigation. First you collect hidden clues, then you let forensic scientists analyse evidence and interview a less silent witness if you are lucky enough to find one. Complemented by a variety of jigsaw puzzles, match 3 and word games, it gives you a wide opportunity to earn cash and bonus points.

Apart from that, while you rest and regain energy, you may also get involved in law enforcement around the city. Help traffic wardens issue parking tickets, send SWAT to detain thugs or prevent street shooting. In a sin city, a police officer always has a job to do.

Who’s that babe on the screenshot?
If you mean the blonde, it’s inspector Elizabeth Dark, and you’d better watch your manners. She is a tough thing, and your boss by the way. A couple of years ago she lost her second, and finally agreed to become a training officer for a promising rookie (you!). That missing homicide detective was apparently her secret flame, but (shh!) that’s just between us. She is a keen investigator and will often draw you in a dangerous adventure. She also likes to play spies in disguise and brags a wardrobe of outfits which some dressing games may only dream about.

Is it actually free to play?
Yes, all quests are unlocked and you download full game version. You can play 100% free of charge online or offline. Though the game offers boosters for real money, it also gives you plenty of chances to earn them without paying anything. Play with friends and exchange gifts, win tournaments, collect daily bonus, or watch rewarded video to name a few. By the way, you are also welcome to maintain law and order in your city (see point 2 above).

What’s coming next in 2024?
What’s good about crime games is that new case files are coming out regularly. Be it a murder mystery or a forgery, it will encourage you to revisit previous locations and new hidden object scenes. The hunt for criminal mastermind continues, and perhaps you will be the one to disclose the conspiracy!

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