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Zombie Faction - Battle Games for a New World
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Are you ready to survive the zombie apocalypse?

You knew this day would come, and you have been preparing yourself for this moment. Remember what you have learnt for surviving a zombie disaster and use that knowledge in this zombie strategy game to defeat the undead.

The civilization as we know it is gone, and now it is the time to create a new free world. However, it won’t be easy. Anarchy reigns, and zombies are a plague. They are not very smart, but they are everywhere, and they are legion.

Build your own defensive shelter, and turn it into a fortress. Find lost survivors, like a nurse, a sheriff, or the sniper and convince them to join your faction. Together you will be able to improve the base with rooms full of guns, flamethrowers, machine guns, traps, and grenade launchers.

But the road to survival will be full of dangers. Anarchy, bandits and zombies, reign the post-apocalyptic world. Survival does not only depends on staying away of zombies, it is also important to defend your shelter from bandits, and thieves. Other survivors have built their own shelters, and they see your base as a threat. In the post-apocalypse land, every new shelter is a dangerous enemy. Trust is not a human quality anymore, but an exception.

Lead your squadron against zombie hordes, and defeat the undead. Survive in the special events, and get resources to help your people. There is a war against the undead, and you can help finish it.

Attack other bases to survive. Be aware of the traps, the machine guns, flamethrowers, cannons, and grenade launchers. Study their defenses, and develop a good strategy to attack the shelter.

Prepare your team to defend your base, and configure traps, machine guns, flamethrowers, cannons, and grenade launchers to protect your shelter from the zombie attacks. And do not underestimate survivors. Humans from other shelters will try to attack your base.

Find survivors, and build with them a safe shelter, far from zombies, and the anarchy in the world. There are more than 20 unique survivors in this apocalyptic zombie world.
Find the sniper, the sheriff, the nurse, or the youtuber, and bring them together to attack the zombies.

Anarchy reigns, and everyone is an enemy, but it does not have to be that way forever. Contact with other shelters, and ally with them. Building a new world free of zombies is hard. Negotiate with other bases if you want to succeed.

The world is over, but that does not mean survivors should live badly. Manage your shelter, and improve it to have space for more survivors, add entertainment rooms, and farmlands. Grow plants, recycle rust resources, and establish a self-sufficient community.

- Online Survival zombie game.
- Build your base from scratch, and defend it from zombies, and other survivors.
- Attack other shelters to get more resources.
- Survive the zombie apocalypse, and recruit new survivors.
- Defeat the undead to build a new free world.
- Amazing zombie battles during special events.
- Prepare a good defensive strategy with traps, flamethrowers, machine guns, grenade launchers, and cannons.
- Strategy PvP online battles.
- All game modes can be played for free.
- More than 20 unique survivors: a nurse, a sniper, a youtuber, a sheriff, ….
- Sign in to Google Play Games to save your progress.

Zombie Faction is an online strategy free to play game. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

- This zombie survival strategy game include online game modes. An Internet connection is required to play.

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Zombie Faction - Battle Games for a New World Review

Welcome to our detailed review of Zombie Faction - Battle Games for a New World! In this article, we will delve into the unique aspects of this thrilling game and provide you with valuable information on how to enhance your gaming experience. From mods and cheats to hack tools and gift codes, we have got you covered!

The Thrilling World of Zombie Faction

Step into a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, where survival is the ultimate goal. Zombie Faction offers an immersive gameplay experience that combines strategy, action, and resource management. Build and fortify your base, recruit survivors, and engage in intense battles against hordes of the undead.

Unleash the Power of Mods and Cheats

Looking to take your gameplay to the next level? Zombie Faction offers a variety of mods and cheats that can give you an edge. Use them wisely to unlock special abilities, acquire rare resources, or strengthen your defenses. With our safe and legit website, you can access these tools at your own risk.

Hack Your Way to Victory

If you're seeking unlimited resources and a boost in your progress, our hack tool for Zombie Faction is just what you need. Safely and ethically generate resources, such as money, without any human verification or survey hassles. Our anti-ban script ensures your account remains secure while enjoying the benefits of this powerful tool.

Free Resources Made Easy

For those eager to build their faction quickly, our resource generator is the perfect solution. Learn how to get free resources on Zombie Faction - Battle Games for a New World fast. With just a few clicks, you can unlock an abundance of in-game items, making your journey through the zombie-infested world a breeze.

List of Gift Codes and Vouchers

While no specific gift codes, vouchers, or coupons are currently available for Zombie Faction, keep an eye out for future promotions on our website. We strive to provide our users with the latest and safest opportunities to enhance their gaming experience.

In-Game Resources

Zombie Faction offers various types of in-game resources to aid your survival:

  • Money: The primary currency used to construct and upgrade your base.
  • Unlocked Content: Gain access to exclusive features and upgrades.
  • No Ads Script: Remove annoying advertisements during gameplay.
  • Anti-Ban Script: Safeguard your account from being banned.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are mods and cheats safe to use in Zombie Faction?

A: While using mods and cheats can enhance your gameplay, it's important to exercise caution. Our website provides these tools, but we always advise users to proceed at their own risk.

Q: Will using hack tools result in a ban?

A: Our hack tools come equipped with an anti-ban script, minimizing the risk of detection. However, it's crucial to use them responsibly and avoid excessive exploitation to ensure the safety of your account.

Q: How can I obtain free resources on Zombie Faction quickly?

A: Our resource generator allows you to acquire free resources effortlessly. Simply follow the instructions provided on our website to unlock a treasure trove of in-game items.

Q: Can I remove ads during gameplay?

A: Absolutely! Zombie Faction offers a No Ads Script, enabling you to enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without any pesky advertisements.

Q: Are there any gift codes or vouchers available?

A: Currently, there are no specific gift codes or vouchers for Zombie Faction. However, keep a lookout on our website for future promotions and giveaways.

With Zombie Faction - Battle Games for a New World, you can immerse yourself in a thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure. Remember to use mods, cheats, and hack tools responsibly, while always prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of your gaming experience. Stay tuned for future updates and promotions, and happy surviving!