Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Hack: Unlimited Money, Gift Codes & Tools

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game
Contains ads.In-app purchases Explore the mysterious island and find the hidden treasure in the secret caves! 4.5

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game 2023 Description

Prepare for the treasure hunt! Pack all your things, the ship is leaving the harbor soon! Play Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game free and start the unforgettable adventure. Join captain Flint on his quest and try to find lost treasure chests with a lot of gold and jewelry in the caves of a mystery island. Beware the mutiny of the notorious pirates on a ghost ship, try to stay alive, read the old maps and get rich!

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game features:

? Treasure island adventure game localized into 15 languages!
? More than 1000 hidden objects to find on a shutter island!
? Multiple levels with mystery places full of hidden objects!
? Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!
? Find the hidden object from the menu below and click on it!
? Click on the magnifying glass button to use help!
? For mobile phones only! Zoom in the picture to find the hidden item!
? Move the picture when it is zoomed to search for hidden figures!
? Zoom out at any moment you like to see the mystery scene again!


? Picture search – use pictures to find hidden objects on treasure island!
? Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level for finding objects!
? Word scramble game level – a hard level to find hidden figures!
? Flashlight or a night mode level – use the light to seek for items!
? Match Pairs – a fantastic memory game with cards to pair!
? Find the Difference – a mini game to spot the difference!
? Time limit game - Bonus level to train your brain and concentration!
? Magic puzzle game – put the puzzle pieces together to make a picture!

Join this thrilling story of the pirate ship, begin a mission to explore mysterious island and try to find the hidden treasure of the famous lost city. Download the Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game, collect all the hidden items and discover if the legend about the cursed pirate treasure! Collect all the hidden items and reveal the mystery of the last survivors of Pirate Island - play now the best island escape games and have fun.

Best adventure island new game free download for all generations!

If you are a fan of pirate games and you like the search for lost treasure on a mysterious island, you will love this object finding game. Help Captain Flint to discover hidden treasure, get rich and escape from this pirate island. Download Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game and play the best of free adventure games! Immerse yourself in the most captivating story about a mysterious world, full of hidden things that you have to find to survive on the desert island.

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Be one of the island heroes. Fight evil pirates and save the natives!

The notorious pirate ship, on its search expedition of the hidden treasure, has sunk near the shores of this mysterious island in the Caribbean Sea. If you want to survive on the lost island, explore the remains of the ghost ship, collect the hidden things that will help you find the famous lost city and discover the mystery of the secret society that inhabited this island that has hidden their treasure in the dark caves, deep in the tropical jungle. Become one of the most famous treasure hunters, play the best of new escape games and island survival games to find hidden figures.

Explore the island paradise and get rich overnight!

This mystery hidden object game for women will take you through the treasure island, the rooms of the pirate ship, the lost temple in the tropical forest in your search for hidden treasure. In addition, this search and find game is one of the most fun brain games and the real challenge for your mind. There are many mini concentration games, check your memory by finding a match for each card, sharpen your eyesight – spot the difference between two pics. Download Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game, the best of the new games 2019!
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