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Sudoku - Free Tips & Tricks
Contains ads.In-app purchases The best way to learn Sudoku and keep your mind sharp ! ??? 4.5

Sudoku - Free Tips & Tricks 2023 Description

Sudoku for everyone from beginner to advanced players. All puzzles are calibrated and split into 6 difficulty levels and are scored according to the techniques required to solve them, so rest assured no matter if you are looking for a quick round or you are looking to improve your skill level we have the right sudoku for you.

Although the app maintains a clean design it is packed with features providing you not only with a great game experience but also a great learning experience.

During any game you can simply use the 'get clue' button to get the best next step in solving the puzzle complete with live highlights and a short explanation of the technique used to deduce the step. Want to learn more about it just hit the 'learn more' button and you will find a detailed explanation complete with examples.

Other great features include:
✔️ 6 calibrated levels: beginner, easy, medium, hard, expert, insane
✔️ over 60 solving techniques available at any time to help you solve the sudoku but also teach you the techniques used to deduce the answer
✔️ scoring system based on real world difficulty of the techniques used not some random metrics used by computers
✔️ pencil notes used not only to help you solve the puzzle but also used to provide useful clues while solving
✔️ autofill notes help you save time one you got the basics down
✔️ track your skills improvement with in game statistics and global rankings
✔️ auto-save your games to never lose your progress ever again
✔️ dark theme to save battery and reduce eye strain and also it looks cool
✔️ unlimited undos and redos no need to worry about a misclick just undo the step
✔️ multiple input methods will help you solve sudoku faster

I really hope you enjoy the game and can’t wait to hear your feedback.
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