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My Rental Girlfriend
Genius Studio Japan Inc. Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Can a fake relationship lead to true love? 4.4

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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

Season 2 Now Available!


To everyone else, you seem like a regular student, with good grades, a nice home, nothing to want for. What no one knows is that you’ve always longed for a girlfriend. You envied your friends ever since you found out they’re dating, and since then, you’ve never quite felt like you fit in.

But one day, an advertisement falls almost literally on your lap that seems to be the perfect answer to your desires. Why do you have to risk rejection when you can just rent a girlfriend? Out of desperation, you sign up, hoping for the chance to take a beautiful girl on a date and show your friends you’re not the loser they think you are.

What you didn’t expect, though, was falling in love with them. And now you’re stuck in a messy circle of three rental girlfriends, who want to be your real girlfriend. But you can only choose one. Will it be the girl whom you want to save, whose kindness makes her deserve no less? Or your childhood friend, who’s trying to find her path in this world? Or will you choose the compelling, confident woman, who knows what she wants - and what she wants is you.


◆ Celina

“Even if there are hardships in life, I’ll always smile.”

Beautiful, smart, and caring – Celina was never meant to be a rental girlfriend. But dire circumstances have compelled her into it...and now she needs a way out. Will you be able to save her, or is that for her to do on her own?

◆ Tessa

“I find it hard to take the first step, but I’m working hard towards it.”

Your childhood friend whom you reconnected with in the most strange of now on a path towards self-confidence. Of course, the sweet and shy girl you always knew remains a part of her. But will her journey to self-growth make her lose the essence that you love so much?

◆ Zoe

“I know I’m the best, I just want everyone else to know it too.”

Confident, and with every reason to be – she’s gorgeous, smart, and funny. One of the most popular rental girlfriends out there, and yet she seems to have her eyes only for you. But does she have her own agenda, or is she capable of loving you truly?

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My Rental Girlfriend

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