Merge Mansion - The Mansion Full of Mysteries

Merge Mansion - The Mansion Full of Mysteries Mod APK iOS PC Hack Tool 2023

Unlock hidden areas, decorate your mansion and merge anything with everything!

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Merge Mansion - The Mansion Full of Mysteries Mods Hacks and Bots

-- -- Taking merge puzzles to the next level, Merge Mansion welcomes you into the grounds of a mysterious mansion. Left untouched for 50 years, the entire estate needs a full house makeover. Begin cleaning and renovating to save it from the bulldozers!

Help young explorer Maddie Boulton unravel the mystery of this fantastical mansion, make a full home design makeover and discover the hidden secrets in a spectacular, unique merge quest puzzle game. It’s not just a stranger’s house decoration, it’s a fun puzzle solving game embracing your personal taste and vision. Once done you are going to look around and say: “This is my home!”

With over 100 merge home puzzles to solve, Merge Mansion offers hundreds of hours of gameplay wrapped up inside an intriguing story that will keep you guessing all the way to the very end. Develop your own merge strategy, complete the chains to discover fabulous objects to design. Start mansion decorating room by room and enjoy the pleasure of seeing this beautiful dream home go from tired old “before” to sparkling, beautiful “after”!

Solve the riddle of each room, merge gems, improve your interior home decoration skills and uncover the secret stories that are waiting for you inside this grand old house as you put on your detective hat and follow all the clues, then slip into interior designer mode and bring this dilapidated manor back to its former glory. Now you are an expert in the interior home design - fix it all in a way you never imagined and build a dream house!


Grandma Boulton had always refused to tell the grandchildren what was behind the door in her high garden wall until the day came when she handed Maddie the key and told her to go find out for herself. Her Grandma made sure her interior design leaves no one untouched.

Join Maddie as she steps through the creaking old wooden door into the secret world of the mansion house. Renovate house, clean up the grounds and turn them from an overgrown mess into beautiful landscape gardens. Drag and merge the items helping Maddie to solve the mystery!

Keep City Hall at bay by starting a full renovation of the property to their exacting standards or else they’ll tear this wonderful building down! Don’t forget about a garden design, the yard has its own secret corners.

But why has Grandma kept this grand old mansion locked up behind a high wall for all these years? Is it just a simple home design? And what’s with all the strange rooms? Why are they all so different? Who could have lived here?

Every room tells a story, and every story’s just waiting to be told! Try this exciting matching puzzle game, solve puzzles and explore manor mystery and find out the truth.


- RENOVATE, decorate home and expand your mansion with unique locations that unfold the story!
- MATCH and merge house, flowers and items and solve the matching puzzle!
- ENJOY the story and plot twists in the mystery manor. Uncover hidden objects and mysteries along the way!
- EXPLORE the mansion and the world around it to unlock hidden areas
- RELAX and enjoy a casual story about a hidden hotel mansion with family friendly heartfelt dialogue!

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