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Crazy Coin
Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Spin and cross word puzzle 4.5

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Fluffy bandit is inviting you and your friends to Crazy Coin!

Spin the wheel and seize your luck! Fortune is gifting the bravest -- you can get shopping coins, defense items and lots more!

Do crosswords, joining the corgi in the dive into the depths of human mind! The magic of knowledge will unfold and collect colorful worlds - and will show your friends whose brain is more powerful! Remember that memory training is the best way to relax after a difficult day at work!

Build your own world with quizzes and roulettes! Solve riddles, discover new islands and fill them with most awesome houses! Spin the wheel of fortune and obtain immense treasures. If you aint fond of creating, try being a fierce warrior -- attack friends and foes, destroy their tiny worlds and gain glory! Is someone ambushing your domain? How dare they! Time for a raid and a strike back that'll regain your riches. Revenge is sweet! Or use shields to keep your village safe!

- Spin the wheel of fortune and become a roulette expert!
- Attack other villages to enjoy your might!
- Do crosswords and train your brain!
- Explore new worlds!

In Crazy Coin, you will:
- Discover majesty of Japanese gardens;
- Taste cold dew of the Ice castles;
- Enjoy rest at the Tropical islands;
- Explore mysteries of the Medieval castle;
- Raid desert pyramids;
- Roast marshmallows in the Lava fort;
- Find gold in the Aztec Temple!
- Merge words!

Join mysterious journies, become a famous archeologist, a bold climber, a great detective, a wise king or a noble samurai!

Join a rapidly growing community, seek new friends and invite the old ones! The more - the merrier!

Crazy Coin is not just a beautiful picture, a sweet corgi and brain fitness, it is a whole complex universe that'll never get boring!

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Crazy Coin

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