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AdVenture Communist
Hyper Hippo Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Become a potato tycoon in the idle clicker sequel to AdVenture Capitalist! 4.2

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Farm Spuds, Boost Production & Rule the State! Dive into the world of AdVenture Communist, the top communism simulator for strategy lovers and farming enthusiasts. Join the Supreme Leader and contribute to the State's glory!
Farm & Gather: The path to glory starts with splendid spuds! Start with potatoes and expand your resources. The more you farm, the more you contribute to the State's prosperity.
Gold & Currency: A Comrade's most treasured currency. Trade, earn, and use gold to buy knowledge, capsules, and time warps. Perfect for competitive Comrades keen to top the leaderboards.
Capsules & Boosters: Unlock researchers, knowledge, and gold. Comrades can complete tasks and visit the shop daily for freebies. Capsules provide the Resources needed to ascend the illustrious Ranks swiftly and skilfully, just as the Supreme Leader prefers!
Supreme Pass & Rewards: Unlock exclusive tier rewards with the Supreme Pass. For each Supreme Pass season, Comrades have 30 days to finish tasks and gather the exclusive Tier Rewards - be sharp, the season won't last forever!
Shop & Upgrades: Catch up or get ahead of the competition, Comrade, by popping into the shop. Boost your production with gold, time warps, and researchers. Everything a strategic Comrade could ever desire while building a splendid State!
Researchers & Modifiers: Collect unique researcher cards and enhance their powers. From speeding up production to reducing costs, strategize your way to the top.
There are 5 modifiers that Researchers possess:
• Speed: Automates and hastens a particular Resource or Industry.
• Chance: The likelihood an industry will produce a bonus yield.
• Production: Boosts the production yield of a particular Resource or Industry.
• Cost: Reduces the buying cost of a particular Industry.
• Trade: Trading a particular Resource earns extra Comrades.
Limited-Time Events: Comrades can partake in events which rotate regularly to earn rewards to bring back to the Motherland. Climb those leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards!
• Communism Crusade
• Anew Atlantis
• Space Force
• Supreme Santa
• Winter Motherland
• Comrade Cowboys
• Ninja Union
• Spooky State
• Zombie Revolution
• Stone State
• Glorious Potato Factory
Idle & Progress: Even when you're away, the State thrives (though it will miss you loads!). Return to see your progress and gather resources.
AdVenture Communist is a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of a political ideology for amusement only. It employs wit and overstatement and is purely fictional. We don't single out, back, or criticise any real-life geo-political scenario, past or present.
Support & Contact: Facing issues, Comrade? Contact the State: or in-game: Rank > Settings > Get Help
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Download & Play for Free: AdVenture Communist is free with in-app purchases. Manage purchases in device settings. Requires internet. Contains third-party ads.
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