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Kiki's Vacation
HyperBeard Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Relax as the days go in Kokoloko, talk with the locals and discover yourself. 4.2

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Kiki's Vacation sets you off to the breezy paradise of Kokoloko Island in a relaxing idle adventure! Join Kiki as she befriends the locals, explores the islands' secrets, finds romance (*wink*wink*) and discovers herself in the process!

Kiki, a plucky city cat, is oh-so-ready to leave her stressful life behind and settle down in the remote island of Kokoloko for an "extended vacation". Discover relaxing activities and decorate your shack as you meet eccentric islanders and get entangled in their interesting narratives.

Don't be shy, talk to people! Not everyone you meet will instantly become your BFF, but if you keep at it, you're sure to build wonderful long-lasting bonds! Choose, who to talk to and what to say to grow Kiki's friendship and unlock new activities.

Collect precious shells - the island's currency - as they wash up on the beach or catch them in your trusty fishing net. Yay passive income! Who needs dollars and coins... shells are the real treasure. Decide whether to spend your hard earned shells on new decorations for your shack, a luxurious massage at the spa, or a "special" beverage (hint: there's alcohol) from one smooth talking French frog.

The island dwellers of Kokoloko are no technological slouches, everyone is signed up to MeowLife, where Kiki documents her life by posting her relationship milestones and other interesting things. Every now and then Kiki will post something while you're away so there's always something to check out.

Days go by in real time in Kiki's Vacation, so make sure to log in at different times of day to meet different characters, explore new settings and discover special moments!

Kiki's Vacation requires read/write access to external storage in order to save your progress locally on your device.

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Kiki's Vacation

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