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Happy Color - Colouring Game
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Happy Color - Colouring Game Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Discover Happy Color: a calming colour by numbers game. With relaxing digital art, exclusive nature, fashion, Disney, Marvel art games and much more - Happy Color is the colouring game you need, whether you’re looking for a fun, creative moment or for an antistress app that will help with anxiety relief.

Experience everyday well-being with our colouring games. Bring fun and relaxing games into your life with Happy Color, a colour by numbers app designed for people of all ages and lifestyles.

5 reasons to download Happy Color:

- Painting made easy: just tap on the digital art template you like and start a colouring game. Simple, creative and deeply satisfying.
- Exclusive digital art: our partnership with Marvel and Disney allows you to colour by numbers unique art pieces featuring your favourite superheroes and characters.
- Paint for a good cause: Happy Color is a partner of several charities around the world. Enjoy an antistress colouring game with pictures that support children’s charities and environmental protection organisations.
- Varied and inclusive art: our digital art templates are the work of artists from all over the world. Immerse yourself in happy, positive pictures and colour art coming from all cultures.
- Relaxing games for anxiety relief: paint your worries away with our colour by numbers game. With true antistress effects, our colour by numbers game will allow you to express yourself creatively and bring anxiety relief into your life.

Experience the antistress effect of relaxing games: our colouring game is the perfect solution when you're facing boredom, need to express yourself creatively or when you need a bit of anxiety relief. Just start painting a Disney, Marvel or nature piece of art and feel your worries seep away. From relaxing games to a creative outlet, Happy Color is the ideal game to follow you everywhere.

We are constantly working to make our colouring book better. Please share your feedback at [email protected]

Join our supportive and friendly online community on Facebook and Instagram, and share the pictures you colour with your friends and family.


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Happy Color has a lot of unique pictures hand drawn by professional artists, as well as pics of famous characters, comics, cartoons etc. owned by well-known studios.

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Happy Color - Colouring Game

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