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New York Mysteries 4
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In the context of the last decades, are you sure that there is no slightest threat from humanity challenges that were overcome long ago?

“New York Mysteries: The Outbreak” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects with unforgettable characters and challenging quests to conquer, plenty of mini-games and puzzles!

Once again you are transported to the New York of the late 1960s. Laura and her trusty workmate Will need to investigate an intricate case of a bizarre disease plaguing the city. Together, you discover that it might have something to do with a mysterious artifact preserved in the archives of a secret order.
There is a shadow hanging over New York City and time is running out. The plague doctor of the modern era, will he cure the twenty-first century society?

- Fantastic locations and beautiful graphics.
- Lots of collectibles and morphing objects to find.
- Explore more than 50 stunning scenes!
- Solve more than 40 challenging puzzles!

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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New York Mysteries 4
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