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Castle Defense King
mobirixsub Strategy, Tips, and Tricks You have to defense and protect your castle from enemies. 2.7

Castle Defense King Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Prepare endless enemy waves by reinforcing castles, heroes and soldiers!

[Reinforcement tips]
- Prepare your defense base by reinforce walls and soldiers first
- Try to combine unique heroes
- Finally, reinforce your tower and magic to challenge the conquer war
- As higher tower level, stronger the magic.
- There is a hero that uses the skill every time using magic.

[Strategy Tips]
It's easier to defend by using 3 kinds of spells
Repair magic: Repairing the wall's health
Magic Bomb: Dropping magic bombs to attack enemies
Ice storm: Slowing down monsters that smash in blizzard

- Massive enemy wave
- Easy and simple strategy defense
- Cute heroes and various monsters
- Conquer war challenge to the limit
- Compete against the players in the world with enemy wave clear
- Free to Play
- Supported offline game without WIFI
- Supported Low spec devices
- Supported Tablet devices
- Supported achievements and leaderboard

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