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Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Summon your favorite DRAGON BALL characters for battle in this anime action game 4.4

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The ultimate anime action RPG is here! DRAGON BALL LEGENDS puts the power of your favorite DRAGON BALL heroes in your hands! Epic 3D visuals and animations bring your collection of heroes to life: More than 400 characters to find and train to make your ultimate team for the battles ahead. Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Frieza, Broly, Majin Buu and many other heroes and villains are waiting for you! Discover a new original story based off the brand-new character designed by Akira Toriyama, the mysterious Saiyan known as Shallot! Join Shallot and your favorite DRAGON BALL characters to help save the world!

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS features action-packed anime action RPG gameplay. With intuitive fighting controls and simple card-based strategic gameplay, presented in stunning 3D animation & visuals, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS brings the anime to life on your mobile device!

From great heroes such as Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin, to evil villains such as Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, all of your favorite anime DB characters are ready for battle! Summon characters from popular DRAGON BALL anime series, such as DBZ, DBGT, to DBS!

Enjoy 1 on 1 fighting action against your friends or rival players from across the globe in live PVP battles! Enter Ratings Matches with your favorite DRAGON BALL characters and earn Rating Points and Rewards! Or test your strength in non-ranking casual matches for fun battles with players of similar power.

• Intuitively control your favorite DRAGON BALL fighters in 3D
• Dodge your opponent in real time, counter attacks, use your ability cards, and build amazing combos!
• Fill DRAGON BALL slots during battle to trigger the powerful team based Rising Rush attack

• Classic anime action recreated with high-quality 3D characters and stages
• Smooth character animations feature modern takes on iconic special moves
• Play through classic DRAGON BALL Sagas

• Play as the all new character designed by Akira Toriyama!
• Experience a new adventure with Goku and all your favorite characters
• Enjoy voice acting from the original anime cast

• Popular characters from DBZ, DBGT, DBS anime series are here for you to collect
• From Goku’s Super Saiyan forms, to Frieza, Bulma, Beerus, Whis, Trunks, and Gohan, many fan favorites join this anime action RPG
• Create the ultimate DRAGON BALL party for battle

Are you ready to become a legend? Download the ultimate DB anime action RPG experience with DRAGON BALL LEGENDS today!


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[About LEGENDS Pass]
The LEGENDS Pass is a paid subscription where you can receive various Perks and boosts each month.

About Payment, Duration & Renewal
-The LEGENDS Pass is valid for a month starting from the purchased date and will be automatically renewed each month.
-Please proceed through the following steps to cancel.
1. Go to the Google Play Store
2. From the menu icon on the top right > Tap "Payments & Subscriptions"
3. Select the subscription you want to cancel from the list
4. Tap "Cancel subscription" and follow the instructions on screen

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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Game Mods and Features

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  • Free Download
  • Remove Ads
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Mod Menu Hack Tool
  • Gift Card Code Generator
  • and Many More...

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Review: Unleash Your Inner Saiyan

Welcome to our comprehensive review of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, the action-packed mobile game that allows you to dive into the exciting world of Dragon Ball! Join Goku, Vegeta, and a myriad of other iconic characters as you engage in thrilling battles, utilize powerful techniques, and strive to become the ultimate warrior.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mods: Enhance Your Gaming Experience

If you're looking to take your DRAGON BALL LEGENDS adventure to the next level, mods are here to deliver an enhanced gaming experience. These modifications provide additional features and unlock new possibilities, allowing you to customize the game according to your preferences. With the right mods, you can discover hidden secrets, access exclusive content, and optimize your gameplay.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Cheats: Master Powerful Techniques

Seeking an extra edge in combat? Look no further than DRAGON BALL LEGENDS cheats. These handy tricks and shortcuts can help you master powerful techniques, outmaneuver your opponents, and achieve victory with ease. From accessing rare items to unlocking special abilities, cheats are the perfect companions for those seeking an advantage.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Hack Tool: Unlock Unlimited Resources

Unleash the full potential of your favorite Saiyans with the DRAGON BALL LEGENDS hack tool. This innovative tool allows you to generate unlimited resources, such as Zeni and Chrono Crystals, without any restrictions. Imagine having an abundance of in-game currency at your fingertips, enabling you to strengthen your team, obtain rare items, and dominate the battlefield.


Unfortunately, there are currently no available gift codes for DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. Be sure to check back often, as new codes may be released in the future.

In-Game Resources:

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers a variety of in-game resources to aid you on your journey. These resources include Zeni, Chrono Crystals, Rising Souls, Super Souls, and Rare Medals. Each resource plays a crucial role in enhancing your characters, acquiring new equipment, and unlocking formidable abilities.

How to Get Free Resources on DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Fast

If you're eager to acquire free resources quickly in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, follow these effective strategies:

  1. Participate in Events: Engage in special events and challenges to earn valuable resources.
  2. Complete Missions: Accomplish various missions within the game to receive generous rewards.
  3. Login Rewards: Log in daily to claim your rewards, including precious resources.
  4. Social Media Promotions: Keep an eye out for promotions on official social media channels for a chance to snag free resources.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Resources Generator: Maximize Your Potential

The DRAGON BALL LEGENDS resources generator is a powerful tool that allows you to acquire abundant resources effortlessly. By utilizing this generator, you can swiftly obtain Zeni, Chrono Crystals, and other valuable items, empowering you to strengthen your team, unlock new characters, and conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are mods and cheat tools safe to use?

A: While using mods and cheat tools may enhance your gaming experience, it's important to remember that they are not endorsed by the game developers. Using such tools may violate the game's terms of service and could result in penalties, including suspension or banning of your account. Always exercise caution and use them at your own risk.

Q: Can I remove ads from DRAGON BALL LEGENDS?

A: Yes! By utilizing the No Ads Script or Remove Ads Script, you can enjoy an ad-free gaming experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS.

Q: Are there any gift card codes available for DRAGON BALL LEGENDS?

A: Currently, there are no gift card codes available for DRAGON BALL LEGENDS. However, keep an eye out for promotions and giveaways, as they may provide opportunities to obtain gift cards and vouchers.

Q: Is there a risk of being banned while using hacks?

A: Yes, there is always a risk of being banned when using hacks or cheats. Game developers actively monitor suspicious activities and implement strict anti-cheat measures. It is crucial to be cautious and understand the potential consequences before using any unauthorized tools.

Q: How can I redeem a code in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS?

A: To redeem a code in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, navigate to the in-game menu, select "Settings," then choose "Gift Code." Enter the provided code to claim your rewards.

Q: Is there a requirement for human verification or surveys when using hack tools?

A: No, legitimate hack tools for DRAGON BALL LEGENDS do not require human verification or surveys. Be wary of websites or tools that ask for personal information or prompt you to complete surveys, as they are often scams.

Q: Can I unlock all characters in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS?

A: Unlocking characters in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS depends on various factors, such as completing specific quests, participating in events, or summoning characters using in-game currency. While some characters may be easier to obtain than others, unlocking them all may require time, dedication, and a touch of luck.

Q: Is DRAGON BALL LEGENDS available for Android and iOS?

A: Yes, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is available for both Android and iOS devices. Embark on your Saiyan journey regardless of your preferred mobile platform.

Embrace the exhilarating world of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS today and unleash your true power. Remember to play responsibly and enjoy the thrilling battles, epic transformations, and captivating storylines that await. Get ready to go beyond your limits and become a legendary warrior!