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Lost Lands 2
FIVE-BN GAMES Strategy, Tips, and Tricks The story of a young girl's fight against the Four Horsemen. 4.7

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An exciting adventure of a brave girl who found herself in a fantasy world. She is forced to fight against the Black Horsemen sent by evil forces to annihilate every living thing.

Lost Lands: the Four Horsemen is an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells a fairy-tale story about the world with never-before-seen races and folk types.

One fine day an ordinary good-looking housewife was walking down the car-park of a shopping center when she got into a cloud of mysterious fog turning out to be an interdimensional portal. As a result, Susan returns to the fantasy world of the Lost Lands she has been before. There has been a talk of her for years - the brave woman from another world is known as Susan the Warrior.
This time it is a Druid hermit, whose name is Maaron, who called her on. He had a vision of liberation of the Lost Lands from the oppression of the Four Horsemen: Heat, Coldness, Death and Darkness.
Maaron decides on to seek support of the woman from the other side; the one who has already saved the world from the forces of evil once. Susan will set forth towards the encounter with Four Horsemen with an aim to confront them.
But first, she has to eliminate the Horsemen forever in an uphill battle by finding the weakness of each…

Game features:
• Explore over 50 stunning locations
• Complete over 40 different mini-games
• Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes
• Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements
• The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

Immerse yourself in an amazing adventure in a fantasy world
Meet the peoples of the Lost Lands
Solve dozens of puzzles
Stop the Black Horsemen
Save the world from a danger threatening to annihilate every living thing

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Lost Lands 2

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Lost Lands 2 Review: Unleash Your Adventure in the Enchanting World

Embark on a thrilling journey through a mystical realm filled with hidden wonders and perilous challenges in Lost Lands 2. This sequel to the popular Lost Lands game series takes players on an immersive quest where they must unravel secrets, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles to save the enchanted land from darkness.

Explore a Vast and Captivating World

Lost Lands 2 offers players an expansive world to explore, with stunning graphics and captivating landscapes. From lush forests to treacherous mountains and ancient ruins, every corner of this magical realm is filled with mystery and adventure.

Unlock Premium Currency and Valuable Items

In Lost Lands 2, players can acquire an in-game premium currency that allows them to unlock exclusive items and resources. These valuable assets enhance gameplay and provide players with advantages to progress faster and overcome difficult challenges. With this currency, you can obtain powerful weapons, rare artifacts, and other enhancements that will aid you on your quest.

Free Items and Promotions

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Unleash your inner adventurer in Lost Lands 2 and take advantage of our free resources and gift codes to elevate your gameplay. Embrace the enchanting world and conquer every challenge that comes your way!