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Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects
Mytona Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Enjoy a journey to find hidden clues and an adventure to solve secret mysteries 4.4

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Solve puzzles, search for hidden objects & complete game quests! Seeker, are you ready for an exciting adventure in a world of hidden objects, mystery and the beautiful Victorian age? 🔎

A Ghostly Mist appeared out of nowhere and cut Darkwood off from the world. And only you, the Seeker, are able to unravel the unsolved mystery of the Curse and save the city! Start your adventure in the exciting quest game Seekers Notes: search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and unravel riddles! Investigate a case of murder, expose the crimes of a secret society, and discover the intriguing secrets of the townspeople!

What adventures await you in the game Seekers Notes💋?

✨Search for evidence, Detective! Find hidden objects and search for clues to complete quests and solve the mystery of the Curse!🔎
✨Train your brain as you solve puzzles! For match-3 fans, there's the Treasure Box. For those who seek new challenges, there's the Haunted Lights logical puzzle game. Also awaiting you are the fun memory puzzle game Ancient Cards and the beautiful Mosaic jigsaw game.
✨Don't miss clues! Test the sharpness of your vision and the speed of your brain to find the differences between two beautiful pictures. Can you find all the differences without using hints?
✨Charming characters! Make friends with the residents of Darkwood and discover their mystical stories and secrets. Use your detective's experience to find the hidden threat and save the city from a criminal!
✨Exciting storyline! The tangled plot will draw you into a whirlwind of adventures, hidden mysteries and love affairs!💖
✨Monsters and magical creatures! What kind of adventure doesn't have monsters? Find weapons to banish creatures and placate the kind ones, then unravel the mysteries of the Curse!🦄
✨Relax in magical places! Explore beautiful locations to find clues and unravel the fantastic mysteries of Darkwood! Where will you go: to the lair of a secret society or a beautiful, sweet-scented garden?
✨Assemble collections and solve the riddles of the city! Search for hidden objects and solve puzzles to complete game quests and assemble all the collections!
✨Nobody will be lonely in Seekers Notes! Find friends and join one of the seekers' guilds to play the game together, solve puzzles and search for hidden objects!
✨Free updates! Every month a new experience awaits you: fresh quests, fantastic hidden objects scenes, and unique rewards!🎁
✨We're already 8 years old! Thanks for your love and support! We continue to make the game better for all you seekers throughout the world!💖

Seekers Notes is a free game, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use in-app purchases, please disable them in your device's settings.

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"🔖 Investigate the mysterious happenings in the city: find clues and unravel mysteries.
🔖 Head out on a journey around beautiful locations and search for hidden objects.
🔖 Solve puzzles including match-3 games.
🔖 Find the differences between pictures.
🔖 Use hints and complete game quests.
🔖 Take the top spot in events.
🔖 Find items and assemble beautiful collections as you solve puzzles and explore locations.
🔖 Start a new adventure with friends by joining a seekers' guild.
🔖 Complete lots of interesting quests, complete hidden objects scenes, and solve riddles in the game Seekers Notes!"

Your journey around the cursed city of Darkwood begins, Seeker! The struggle with the Curse is a real logic game full of quests. Each quest is a new twist in the story, new riddles and mysteries on the way to unraveling the secret of Darkwood. Download Seekers Notes and start your magical adventure!

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Review

Welcome to our detailed review of Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects! In this captivating mobile game, players are transported into a mysterious and enchanting world where they must unravel hidden secrets, solve challenging puzzles, and find hidden objects to progress through the story. With its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals, Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects offers a truly unique experience for fans of the genre.

Discover the Thrill with Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Mods

If you're looking to enhance your gaming experience, Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects mods are the perfect solution. These modifications can provide you with additional features, unlimited resources, and exciting new gameplay elements. With mods, you can unlock exclusive content and explore the game in ways you never thought possible.

Unleash Your Potential with Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Cheats

Looking for a little boost? Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects cheats can give you an edge in the game. From revealing hidden object locations to acquiring extra resources, cheats are a great way to overcome challenging obstacles and progress through the game faster. Just remember to use them responsibly and at your own risk.

Unlock Hidden Possibilities with Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Hack Tool

With a Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects hack tool, you can gain access to unlimited resources, unlock special items, and discover hidden secrets. These tools provide you with the freedom to customize your gaming experience and enjoy the game to its fullest. However, always exercise caution when using hack tools and be aware of the potential risks involved.

How to Get Free Resources on Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects Fast

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects offers various methods to obtain resources in the game. Here are a few tips to help you acquire them quickly:

Complete Daily Quests and Challenges

Engage with the game regularly and complete the daily quests and challenges to earn free resources. These tasks are designed to keep you engaged and reward you with valuable items.

Participate in Events

Keep an eye out for special events within the game. Participating in these events can grant you additional resources, unique items, and exciting rewards.

Connect with Friends and Join Guilds

Interact with other players by joining guilds or connecting with friends. You can exchange gifts, share resources, and receive assistance in completing quests. Working together enhances your chances of obtaining free resources.

In-Game Resources Available in Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects offers a variety of in-game resources that are vital for progression:


Energy is required to explore new locations and search for hidden objects. It replenishes over time, but additional energy can be obtained through various in-game activities.


Coins are the primary currency in Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects and are used to purchase items, unlock new areas, and progress through the game.


Rubies are a premium currency that can be used to acquire exclusive items, speed up processes, and enhance gameplay.

List of Gift Codes, Vouchers, or Coupons

Currently, there are no available gift codes, vouchers, or coupons for Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects. However, keep an eye out for special promotions and events where such codes may be distributed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are mods, cheats, and hack tools safe to use?

While mods, cheats, and hack tools can enhance your gaming experience, it's important to note that their usage comes with risks. These tools may compromise the security of your device and violate the game's terms of service. Always proceed with caution and use them at your own risk.

2. How can I prevent getting banned while using cheats or hacks?

Using cheats or hacks can result in consequences such as banning or suspension from the game. To minimize the risk, ensure you only obtain these tools from reputable sources and follow any instructions or guidelines provided. Be discreet and avoid drawing attention by using cheats or hacks sparingly.

3. Is Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects available on Android and iOS?

Absolutely! Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can enjoy the game on your preferred platform and dive into the captivating world it offers.

4. Will using cheats or hacks affect my gameplay experience?

Using cheats or hacks can alter your gameplay experience by providing advantages not available to regular players. While this may allow you to progress faster or access exclusive content, it can also diminish the challenge and satisfaction derived from overcoming obstacles organically. Consider the impact on your overall enjoyment before using cheats or hacks.

5. Can I play Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects without encountering ads?

Yes, Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects offers a No Ads Script or Remove Ads Script that enables you to enjoy the game without interruptions from advertisements. Check the game's settings or options for these features.

In Conclusion

Seekers Notes: Hidden Objects is an immersive and captivating mobile game that allows players to unravel mysteries, solve puzzles, and find hidden objects in a stunningly designed world. While mods, cheats, and hack tools exist to enhance your experience, it is important to exercise caution and use them responsibly. Enjoy the game, explore its vast possibilities, and embark on an epic adventure!

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