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Plants vs Zombies 3
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Plants vs Zombies™ is back in an all-new adventure that will test your zombie defense skills! Filled with plants and zombies new and old with the PvZ combat you’ve come to know and love. It’s the wildest PvZ yet that will have you rebuilding Neighborville while fighting against the wackiest zombies to date.

Dr. Zomboss has returned and transformed Neighborville into a zombie paradise! Embark on an epic adventure with Dave and his team of heroes in a story that’s crazier than ever before as they journey through the fog to free other citizens. Battle the zombie horde and fight off Dr. Zomboss to save and rebuild Neighborville your way! 

The most outlandish zombie defense games are back in action in PvZ 3. Your real time strategy and puzzle solving skills will be put to the ultimate test in new challenges as you fight back brain-eating zombies. Take charge of your quirky cast of characters to drive out the zombie invasion that aims to take over. Zombie survival games meet fun tower defense action and match 3 inspired customization in Plants vs Zombies™ 3: Welcome to Zomburbia! 

Will plants save the humans or will zombies claim them? Will Dr. Zomboss finally meet his match against Dave and his heroes? Find out when you join the fight and download Plants vs Zombies™ 3: Welcome to Zomburbia today!


- Battle the latest zombie horde taking over Neighborville with an army of floral fighters
- PvZ zombie defense fun takes a whole new meaning with new characters, levels, and rewards
- Command your seedy sentinels as you discover a story that dives into the zombie invasion deeper than ever

- Join our PvZ heroes in their incredible story as they adventure through the mysterious zombie fog to restore Neighborville!
- Explore through the fog, renovate the town, and decorate your way! Select from several customization options.
- Discover exciting new characters and never-before-seen areas of Neighborville!

- Dive into exciting action games filled with challenges with the long-awaited sequel to PvZ 2
- Zombie tower defense games and puzzles will test your ability to keep Neighborville safe
- Wield a powerful arsenal of explosive boosts!
- Plants vs Zombies™ tower defense gameplay and real time strategy combine in epic zombie shooting action

- If you enjoy puzzle games, you'll love the challenge of our Tower Defense play with a twist.
- Take part in competitive challenges and unlock rewards that will help you rebuild Neighborville
- Use your puzzle game skills to complete challenges and earn rewards that help you create a safe haven for your wacky PvZ characters
- Test your real time strategy in an all new zombie invasion looking to take over Neighborville

Download Plants vs Zombies™ 3: Welcome to Zomburbia and discover the latest installment in the wacky world of your favorite petaled protectors today!

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Trainers for Plants vs Zombies 3: Elevate your zombie-slaying skills with specialized trainers designed to give you the edge in Plants vs Zombies 3. In recent years, trainers offer a range of features to enhance your gameplay experience, including:

  • Enhanced Plant Abilities: Unlock powerful upgrades and special abilities for your plants, allowing them to unleash devastating attacks on the undead. 
  • Resource Boosts: Gain access to unlimited resources such as coins, gems, and power-ups to fortify your defenses and expand your arsenal. 
  • Expedited Progression: Speed up your journey through the game by optimizing plant growth, level progression, and unlockable content.

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Plants vs Zombies 3 Game Mods and Features

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Plants vs Zombies 3

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Unlimited Sunlight: A cheat that provides an unlimited amount of sunlight, allowing players to plant and upgrade their defenses without worrying about resource management.

Infinite Coins: This cheat could grant players an unlimited supply of coins, enabling them to purchase plants, upgrades, and other in-game items without constraints.

Free Gems: Players might use a cheat to obtain a large number of gems without having to purchase them with real money, unlocking premium content and features.

Instant Seed Growth: An exploit that accelerates the growth of seeds, allowing players to level up their plants rapidly and enhance their combat abilities.

Unlock All Plants: This cheat could unlock all plants in the game, giving players access to a diverse array of defensive and offensive options from the start.

Godlike Plants: A cheat that enhances the power and abilities of plants to make them virtually invincible, ensuring easy victories against zombies.

Fast Forward Mode: Players could activate a cheat that speeds up gameplay, allowing them to progress through levels more quickly and earn rewards at a faster rate.

Hidden Content Unlocker: An exploit that reveals and unlocks hidden content, such as secret levels, plants, or game modes, without completing specific requirements.

Infinite Energy: This cheat removes energy or cooldown restrictions on planting and using special abilities, enabling players to unleash devastating attacks continuously.

Resource Multiplier: A cheat that multiplies the amount of resources earned from gameplay, allowing players to accumulate wealth at an accelerated rate and progress faster in the game.