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Random Wars
Contains ads.In-app purchases PvP Defense Random Dice Style 4.5

Random Wars 2023 Description

Random Wars is a excited game, you can use a lot of Heroes to defend against eight of type monster.

Contain Pvp Mode, Coop Mode and Single Player Mode.

Random PvP Defense new version of Heroes is coming. We have a lot of heroes with so many power. So on, over 40 monster with amazing ability is waiting for you.

Give it a try and you will like it more than you think :D

Random Wars is an excited tower defense game where you set up your heroes with various abilities and defend incoming enemies.
When you merge the same type of heroes with the same number, you will get 1 level higher random heroes.
But remember in case, the tower type changes randomly when you merge them!

There is a lot of stragety in game, apply various strategies based on your opponent's deck.

It will get more and more difficult for your opponent as you fend off incoming enemies longer and longer.

Mix and match various heroes and create your best and powerful PvP deck.

- Initial Overwhelming Heroes
Early game build : use very powerful Atk heroes and overwhelm your opponent before he can build his strength.

- Build-up Deck
Late game build: some heroes will stronger in the end of the game, you can use that to beat another player.

- Balanced Deck
You can defend in early game and also have not a bad late game with some heroes.

In the Alliance Mode, you cooperate with another player to attack the waves of incoming enemies, sometimes your friend will save you.
You can get new heroes by playing the Alliance Mode.
Diverse strategies can be applied depending on the decks of you and your ally.

- Very Common Unit Deck + Stun Deck
There are a lot of character can slow a boss incoming, you can use that.

- Slow + Damage Team
One player sets the team have a lot of slow to disable monster and another player build full dame.
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