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Memories: My Story, My Choice
Agate Games Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Romantic Otome Game. Create your own lasting Memories and the choices are yours 3.8

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The long-awaited sequel has been released!

❖Celestia Chain of Fate 2 - My battle against the sinister organization Zero becomes even more complicated as I now have also to confront my brother, Damien. Can I make him realize his wrong way and bring him back home?

Join the adventures of Aria, Ash, Luke, and Val as they fight Zero in Celestia Chain of Fate 2, where you will face choices that determine the future of three worlds!

If you could choose, what kind of life would you live? Unleash your imagination with Memories — My Story, My Choices, an otome game featuring a vast library of wonderful tales with interactive choices that allow you to pick your own path.

Meet all the beautiful otome heartthrobs in each interactive, captivating story. Otome fans, get ready to fall head over heels!

Become the otome heroine in an adventure to the strange world of isekai, immerse yourself in a lovely chat novel, etc.

Your choices matter. Every decision in the game can alter the course of your interactive story or chat novel. What kind of ending will you get?

Enjoy numerous interactive chat novel, suitable for all the hopeless romantics!

New to otome genre? Start your romantic adventure with our top interactive stories:

Red White Cinderella

Ever heard of an isekai? Who would’ve thought that an accident would take you to a world far, far away beyond your wildest dreams? An average girl like you has suddenly become a noble princess, just like an isekai movie!

Not to mention that the two crown princes are trying to win your heart. Will you be worthy of your title as a queen? Conquer the obstacles, make your choices, and marry your ideal prince in this interactive otome adventure that fuses romance with isekai!

Dream! Fashion Star

In order to become a professional model, you go against all odds and participate in a prestigious modeling contest. Fate introduces you to all the men who will add some flavors to your romance and bring happiness to the otome version of you.

As you travel the world in an adventure to kick off your career, will you be able to ace the competition and, at the same time, find your true love? The choices are yours to make in this sweet, interactive, fun otome drama!

Celestia Chain of Fate

My life as a daughter of a Duke was perfect, but everything changed on my sweet 17 birthday. My foster parents told me their secret that I’m a descendant of Angelus and Daemon!

With my new identity, I’m enrolling in the Academy of Celestia, where Angelus, Daemons, and Humans learn magic. What journey does this new world have in store for me?

Memories — My Story, My Choices is an otome styled game platform for interactive visual novel. Your choices will affect the storyline. A remarkable collection of otome story and chat novel of various genres is waiting, from romance to adventure!

Each of your choices is part of your future. Be it a mesmerizing otome romance told in chat novel style, a journey to isekai universe, or an interactive adventure with a vampire, make your choices in every chapter and lead more lives than your own!

Join our community and support the original developers, writers, and artists!

Memories — My Story, My Choices is a free-to-play game, with additional and optional in-game transactions. This product also contains ads. Items can be purchased via your choice of payment options.

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Memories: My Story, My Choice

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