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Rally Fury - Extreme Racing
Refuel Games Pty Ltd Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Drift around corners, catch air over jumps, hit your boost and race to victory! 4.5

Rally Fury - Extreme Racing Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Popular rally racing game - over 110 million downloads – single-player and multiplayer!

The ultimate off-road rally racing game, featuring over 100 single-player events, realistic physics, stunning graphics and addictive gameplay.

DRIFT around corners for speed or just for pure fun. Earn additional nitro boost as you drift!

NITRO BOOST to reach extreme speeds. Leave your opponents in your dust!

RACE ONLINE with players across the world.

RACE YOUR FRIENDS in private lobbies.

COMPETE IN 100+ SINGLE-PLAYER EVENTS at night and day, on dirt, asphalt, sand and snow.

SINGLE PLAYER MODES: Race against challenging AI opponents, compete in challenge events such as cone attack, pursuit and skills test, set new personal bests in checkpoint mode, or explore free drive mode.

REPLAY YOUR LAST RACE. Switch cameras, view your opponent’s race, fast forward and slow-motion.

CHOOSE YOUR VEHICLE from 8 high performance rally vehicles, each with different specs, and A, B and S class models.

CUSTOMISE your vehicle with cool custom paint, plates, decals, tyres, rims, boost flame and underglow lighting.

UPGRADE your engine, engine, acceleration, handling, nitro boost and tyres.

CHOOSE YOUR SETTINGS: Tilt or touch steering. Manual or automatic acceleration. Add Brake Assist and Steering Assist if desired. Customise the layout, sensitivity and opacity of your controls, and the opacity of your HUD. Choose your desired camera view.

GAMEPAD SUPPORT for most popular gamepad controllers.

ANDROID TV SUPPORT: Play on the big screen for the ultimate experience!

CLOUD SAVE to save your progress and download it on another device.

License Agreement: https://www.refuelgames.com/eula.html

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Rally Fury - Extreme Racing

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