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Heroes of CyberSphere: Online
Kisunja - Fun Shooting Games Contains ads.In-app purchases Sci-fi action game with PvP team deathmatch and PvE coop multiplayer modes! 4.7

Heroes of CyberSphere: Online 2023 Description

Armies of alien robots from another planet nearly defeated us in a war.
We have used extraterrestrial technology to create combat drones, armor for our soldiers, and super-powerful energy and explosive weapons.
We fought, studied the enemy and began to win.

Main features:
★ A lot of powerful arms in the armory.
★ You can control your hero in twin-stick or third person mode.
★ Online multiplayer - play with your friends!
★ Find the right tactics - choose from a variety of minion types to attack, defend or support.
★ Customization - many characters, weapons and skins are available.
★ Vivid 3D graphics - the harsh beauty of the world of the future.
★ Shoot to kill - crazy high-speed gameplay!

Game modes:
★ Survive - stay alive, kill as many robots as possible!
★ Defence - protect your base from hordes of enemies.
★ Assault - destroy the enemy mothership and don't let yours be destroyed!
★ Team Assault - join forces to win!
★ Deathmatch - compete with other players.
★ Team Deathmatch - help your squad achieve victory!
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