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Night of the Full Moon
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Six years together, grateful for the encounter.
We strive to create a "fun" and "fair" game, prioritizing "strategy" and "story" over "grind" and "pay-to-win."
We hope this game brings you joy.

(1)Dark Fairy Tale - Veiled Suspicion
This is your own dark fairy tale—
Little Red Riding Hood has always relied on her grandmother, but one day, her grandmother mysteriously disappears. To find her only family, Little Red Riding Hood ventures alone into the Black Forest on the night of the full moon. She will face forest spirits, ferocious werewolves, reclusive witches, and the emerging truth...

(2)Night of the Full Moon - Free Exploration
Beware! Unknown events may trigger at any time during your adventure. Your choices will determine the story's ultimate outcome. The classic mode includes ten professions, over seven hundred cards for free combinations, and one hundred forty-two enigmatic opponents waiting for your challenge.

(3)Mirror Memories - Autonomous Adventure
The story unfolds in a distant past when the young demon princess, Black Swan, accidentally enters the world within a mirror. Along with her escape plan, she discovers she is not alone. With the help of other companions, Black Swan embarks on a journey to find her lost memories. Light auto chess gameplay includes ten major factions, 176 companion chess pieces, 81 equipment cards, and 63 spell cards, offering card masters a more flexible deck-building experience.

(4) Wishing Night - Companions by Your Side
It is said that every eclipse night, adventurers follow the magical map to underground caves in search of the legendary god of wishes, but none return. On the Night of Wishes, let us follow in the footsteps of old friends, recruit companions with varying effects, and form an adventure team. Strengthen your companions with equipment, leading to diverse chain reactions. Sharpen your combat skills, as card decisions in each turn are crucial. Plan your gold route carefully; every step in the adventure requires meticulous calculation.

(5) Creative Deck-Building - Thrilling Duels
Welcome to the "Mirror Arena" of the Mirror Witch for an exhilarating duel!
Here, embody heroes with unique abilities from the world within the mirror, manipulate chess pieces, employ strategies, and create unexpected combinations to turn the tide of victory in an instant!

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Night of the Full Moon

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