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Angry Birds Dream Blast
Rovio Entertainment Corporation Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Enter a dreamy bubble blasting adventure with the adorable young Angry Birds 4.3

Angry Birds Dream Blast Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Pop Dream Bubbles and unleash the powerful blasts of your favorite Angry Birds characters.
Discover awesome locations, solve endless puzzles, and enjoy exciting events in this bubble blasting adventure.

Angry Birds Dream Blast features epic stuff like...
– Cute characters and toony animations that guide you through a wacky fantasy world
– A bubble blasting puzzle game that’s relaxing and easy to play anytime & anywhere
– Blast & crush dream bubbles to unleash the special powers of your favorite Angry Birds characters and solve puzzles!
– Team up with friends who can help you along the way!
– Over 5000 levels of brainteasing puzzles to solve! Challenge yourself to reach the DREAM PEAK

Tap matching Dream Bubbles. Matches of four or more create Red. Combine two Reds to get Chuck and two Chucks to get Bomb! The bigger the match, the bigger the blast

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Angry Birds Dream Blast, one of the best original toon styled bubble bird puzzle games from Rovio, is completely free but there are optional in-app purchases available.


We may update the game periodically, for example to add new features or content or to fix bugs or other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function properly if you do not have the newest version installed. If you have not installed the latest update, Rovio will not be responsible for the game failing to function as expected.

When playing this game, Rovio will offset the carbon footprint caused by the device’s energy consumption.

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Angry Birds Dream Blast Game Mods and Features

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Angry Birds Dream Blast
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Angry Birds Dream Blast Review: An Exciting Puzzle Game Adventure

If you're a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, get ready for a thrilling new addition to the series - Angry Birds Dream Blast! This delightful puzzle game takes you on a dreamy adventure with your favorite feathered friends. With its charming graphics, addictive gameplay, and exciting features, it's no wonder why this game has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide.

Unleash the Power of Dream Bubbles

In Angry Birds Dream Blast, your mission is to pop dream bubbles and help the birds complete their levels. By matching and popping bubbles of the same color, you'll set off a chain reaction that will bring the dream world to life. Each level presents unique challenges, requiring strategic thinking and clever bubble popping skills to progress.

A Vast Array of In-Game Resources

To aid you in your bubble popping journey, Angry Birds Dream Blast offers various in-game resources that can enhance your gameplay experience. Here's a comprehensive list of the resources available:

Dream Coins:

Dream coins are the primary in-game currency in Angry Birds Dream Blast. You can earn them by completing levels or through in-app purchases. Use dream coins to unlock power-ups, purchase boosters, and progress faster in the game.


Just like in many mobile games, lives are essential in Angry Birds Dream Blast. Each time you fail a level, you'll lose a life. Lives regenerate over time, but if you can't wait, you have the option to purchase more lives using dream coins.


Boosters are special power-ups that can give you an edge in difficult levels. From exploding bombs to color-matching rockets, these boosters can help you clear challenging bubbles and reach your goals faster. Earn them by completing levels or purchase them with dream coins.

Free Items and Promotions

Angry Birds Dream Blast occasionally rewards players with free items, gift codes, and promotions to enhance their gaming experience. While the availability of these offers may vary, we've compiled a list of the latest known promotions:

Gift Codes:

As of our last knowledge update, there are no known gift codes for Angry Birds Dream Blast. However, keep an eye out for announcements from the developers as they may release special codes in the future.


Periodically, Angry Birds Dream Blast runs limited-time promotions where you can earn bonus resources, unlock special power-ups, or receive exclusive items. Stay tuned to the game's official social media channels and website to catch these exciting promotions!

Get Free Resources with Our Online Generator

Looking to acquire resources without spending your hard-earned money? We offer a safe and legitimate online generator that provides free resources exclusively for Angry Birds Dream Blast. By using our generator, you can quickly obtain unlimited dream coins and other valuable items to enhance your gameplay. Our cheats, hacks, and mods are designed to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

Play Smart and Stay Safe

While our tools offer a convenient way to acquire free resources, we always advise users to exercise caution and use them at their own risk. It's essential to remember that using cheats, hacks, or mods may violate the game's terms of service, resulting in consequences such as account suspension or loss of progress. Play smart, enjoy the game responsibly, and consider supporting the developers by making in-app purchases if you can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Angry Birds Dream Blast available for Android and iOS?

Yes, Angry Birds Dream Blast is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the respective app stores.

2. Are there any gift codes for Angry Birds Dream Blast?

As of our last knowledge update, there are no known gift codes for Angry Birds Dream Blast. However, stay tuned to official announcements as new codes may be released in the future.

3. Is it safe to use cheats, hacks, or mods for Angry Birds Dream Blast?

Using cheats, hacks, or mods in any game carries risks, including potential account suspension or loss of progress. It's important to understand and accept these risks before using such tools.

4. Can I get free resources through your online generator?

Absolutely! Our online generator for Angry Birds Dream Blast provides free resources, including dream coins, that you can acquire quickly and safely.

5. How often are promotions and free items offered in Angry Birds Dream Blast?

Promotions and free items in Angry Birds Dream Blast vary in frequency. Keep an eye on the game's official social media channels and website to stay updated on the latest offers.

Remember, enhance your Angry Birds Dream Blast experience responsibly and enjoy the thrilling adventure this game has to offer!