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Totem Story Farm
Enixan Limited Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Dive into time thrilling adventures with Martin and Jane, in Totem Story 4.4

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Hurry up to join adventures in time travel journey. Great story, new lands and their citizens are waiting for its heroes. Totem Story Farm is an adventure filled with beautiful landscapes, delicious fruits, exotic animals and friendly natives. Build your farm, take care of plants, grow vegetables in garden and develop your settlement. Local people are always glad to help you! Lost in time world hides many secrets and stories collect all the parts of Totem and travel to other worlds.
Create a settlement and decorate it to your taste;
Tame exotic animals: Ostriches, Llamas and Elephants;
Create a beautiful garden and collect tons of vegetables and fruits;
Produce various objects and tools;
Fulfill orders in Trade Port;
Solve many mysteries of the magical world;
Travel to new territories and help locals;
Reveal the mystery of Totem and the lost world;
Dive into the world of adventures and new emotions;
Cook the most delicious cookies for natives;
Interact with your neighbor, play with your friends on Facebook, Google+, and also find new neighbors in the community game.
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Totem Story Farm

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