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All Heroes
Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Hundreds of legendary heroes fight in parallel space. 4.5

All Heroes Strategic Hacking Tools and Cheats

Hundreds of legendary heroes fight in parallel space. The wonderful idle RPG cannot be missed!
More than 200 heroes from 6 factions gathered in Chaotic space. Tap the screen to assemble the greatest team of heros for strategic victories!


Mysterious forces devoured the heroes of this time, and evil forces roamed the mainland. Stars fall from the sky in the daytime. Dim gems reappear in brilliance.Pick up fragments and start the Warpath for freedom. King Arthur in the Castle, Columbus on the ocean, Super Armor Stark, and even Monkey King who Up in the Air is obeyed your summons. Fight with more than 200 heroes, search for artifacts scattered everywhere, embark the journey together with players worldwide, and break the nightmare that envelops time and space!

【Leisure Game-play】
It’s a time and energy-saving mobile game! Don't worry about AFK. You can enjoy the game offline, and the heroes will never stop fighting! Be Idling and gets rich rewards! Ten minutes a day, enjoy the epic journey.

【Wonderful Content】
Castles, expedition, artifacts, collection, evolution, arena, event, Peak duel, equipment building! Experience Legendary Adventures in Epic! Tunnel of Infinite Possibility everywhere.

【Daily Free rewards】
Get free golds and gems daily, you can get them when you online. Endless, multiple rewards are waiting for you.

【Endless Joy From Strategy】
More than 200 superheroes are gathered here, mastering countless unique skills! Collecting and forging rare equipment, arranging lineups to defend against the powers of chaos and evil. Enjoying the Relaxed RPG with different dimension.

【Worldwide Arena】
All players are fair to assemble a team of heroes and battles in the arena, fight together with players all around the world!

【Guild Wars】
Form guilds with friends from all over the world,Show off your skills with the powerful Guild Boss Battle, and enjoy All heroes!

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All Heroes

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