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KLab Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Enjoy anime games of BLEACH! Play as characters from the anime and manga! 4.1

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All your favorite characters from the BLEACH universe are here in Bleach: Brave Souls, an all-action RPG anime game!
Over 75 million downloads worldwide!

The hit manga and TV anime series BLEACH comes to life in this 3D hack-and-slash action RPG game!
Get ready to play as your favorite characters from the BLEACH TV Animation Series: Thousand-Year Blood War!
The game faithfully reproduces the story of the BLEACH anime in loving detail with fantastic graphics and all-action RPG gameplay.

From the human-populated World of the Living to the Soul Society, home of Soul Reapers and the spirits of the dead, the bleak realm of Hueco Mundo, where evil spirits known as Hollows reside, the endlessly imaginative BLEACH universe is recreated in high-quality 3D graphics. Relive all your favorite scenes and special techniques from the hit anime!

All you have to do is tap and swipe to play!
Swipe in the direction you want the character to move and tap the screen to attack an enemy. It is that simple!
Choose your favorite BLEACH character and freely move around stages as you unleash attacks and Special Moves through the tap of a button!

3D BLEACH characters engage in fierce battles!
Unleash Ichigo’s Getsugatensho, Aizen’s Kyokasuigetsu, Byakuya’s Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, and all the other epic BLEACH moves!
Be on the lookout for Thousand-Year Blood War characters too!

Relive the anime and manga in Story quests, form Guilds with your friends and move up the rankings,
enjoy PvE with up to three other players in Co-Op quests, or take on an even greater challenge with a variety of special super-hard quest types.
Build teams with your favorite characters and experience the world of BLEACH!

Go online and take part in epic 3-on-3 battles with players from all over the world in real time!

In some regions, you have an option to choose a World (server) at the start of the game. However, there is no difference between the different servers except for the languages offered and certain purchasable items.

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Recommended For
- Fans of the original BLEACH anime and Shonen Jump manga who want to relive the BLEACH story!
- Anyone who wants to see their favorite BLEACH characters perform Special Moves during hack-and-slash action RPG battles!
- BLEACH fans who want to enjoy new, original stories set in the BLEACH universe!
- Fans of action RPG anime games.
- Anime game fans that enjoy completing quests.
- Fans of anime games that involve collecting.
- Fans of anime games with a large number of characters.
- Anime game fans who enjoy character development.
- Fans of PvP (player versus player) anime games.
- People that enjoy passing time with anime games.
- Fans of anime games with gacha elements.
- Anime game fans who enjoy fighting with various weapons and skills.
- Anime game fans who value production and graphics.
- Fans of multiplayer anime games.
- Fans of free anime games.
- Fans of RPG games who enjoy clearing quests and missions.
- People who enjoy RPG games with gacha elements.
- People who enjoy playing free-to-play RPG games.
- RPG games fans who want to fully enjoy the world of anime games.
- Anime game fans who enjoy creating strategies to win in PvP.
- People who want to progress through an anime game easily without complicated controls.
- Fans of anime games with a variety of events and constantly updated content.

Recommended OS
Android 4.4 or later

©Tite Kubo/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot ©KLabGames

Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Games Review

Bleach: Brave Souls is an action-packed mobile game that brings the popular anime series, Bleach, to life. Developed by KLab Games, this thrilling game allows players to step into the shoes of their favorite characters from the Bleach universe and embark on exciting quests and battles.

In-Game Premium Currency and Resources

Like many mobile games, Bleach: Brave Souls features a premium currency that players can use to enhance their gaming experience. This currency, known as Spirit Orbs, can be used to summon powerful characters, unlock special abilities, and acquire rare items. Spirit Orbs can be obtained through gameplay progress, achievements, and daily logins.

Additionally, the game offers other in-game resources such as coins, jewels, and potions. Coins are used for character upgrades and strengthening equipment, while jewels can be exchanged for various items in the in-game shop. Potions, on the other hand, are essential for healing characters during battles and can be replenished over time or purchased using in-game currency.

Free Items, Gift Codes, and Promotions

Bleach: Brave Souls occasionally offers free items, gift codes, and promotions to its players. These giveaways are a great way for players to obtain valuable resources without spending any real money. Here is a comprehensive list of the current free items, gift codes, and promotions:

1. Free Spirit Orbs:

Players can earn free Spirit Orbs by completing daily missions, participating in events, and reaching certain milestones in the game. Keep an eye out for special login bonuses and limited-time events that offer generous amounts of Spirit Orbs.

2. Gift Codes:

Occasionally, the developers of Bleach: Brave Souls release gift codes that can be redeemed for in-game rewards. These codes are usually shared through official social media channels, fan communities, or promotional events. Make sure to stay connected with the game's community to catch these exclusive codes.

3. Promotions:

Bleach: Brave Souls often runs promotions where players can earn bonus resources by participating in specific events or completing certain tasks. These promotions can range from increased drop rates for rare items to double rewards for specific game modes. Keep an eye on the in-game news section for upcoming promotions.

Please note that the availability of free items, gift codes, and promotions may vary over time. It is recommended to use legitimate and authorized sources to obtain these rewards and avoid using unauthorized methods such as online generators, cheats, hacks, or mods.


Q: How can I get unlimited resources in Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Games?

A: Currently, there is no legitimate method for obtaining unlimited resources in Bleach: Brave Souls. The use of unauthorized methods such as online generators, cheats, hacks, or mods can result in penalties, including the suspension or banning of your account. It is always advisable to play the game within its intended rules and guidelines.

Q: Are there any gift card codes available for Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Games?

A: At the moment, there are no official gift card codes available for Bleach: Brave Souls. Any websites or platforms claiming to provide gift card codes may be fraudulent or unauthorized. It is recommended to only rely on official sources for obtaining in-game rewards.

Q: Is it safe to use hacks or cheats in Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Games?

A: The use of hacks or cheats in Bleach: Brave Souls is strongly discouraged and can result in penalties, including the suspension or banning of your account. These unauthorized methods can also compromise the security of your device and personal information. It is always advisable to play the game without resorting to hacks or cheats.

Q: Can I download Bleach: Brave Souls for free?

A: Yes, Bleach: Brave Souls is available as a free download on both Android and iOS devices. However, it offers in-app purchases for additional in-game resources and features.

In conclusion, Bleach: Brave Souls Anime Games is an exciting mobile game that brings the beloved Bleach anime series to the palm of your hands. With its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics, it offers fans a chance to experience the world of Bleach like never before. Enjoy the game, collect powerful characters, and participate in thrilling battles while adhering to the game's rules and guidelines.

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