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Clozemaster: learn words easy
Language Innovation LLC Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Daily vocabulary foreign language games: play cloze test & learn languages! 4.6

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Learn languages with Clozemaster! Choose from the 60+ options and learn a new language

Free to sign up and play! Clozemaster takes language learning to the next level. The perfect app to do alongside or after Duolingo, and a great complement to learn languages at any stage with fun language games. If you’re wondering how to learn languages after you already know basic daily vocabulary this is the perfect option! Discover how to learn languages with Clozemaster and you will become fluent forever.

Warning! Not for complete beginners! Works best if you have already started to learn another language and have an A2 or higher level in that foreign language and need to expand your daily vocabulary.

Play new language games sentences. It is the best answer to your question “How to learn languages?” As many as 5 ready-for-review sentences are randomly selected by default in any foreign language you choose to learn words.
Review is only sentences you've already seen that are ready for review and will include no new list of daily vocabulary language learning.
Cloze listening - improve your listening skills: hear the sentence, and fill in the missing word. Learn another language before you see it and learn words in context to become fluent forever.
Fluency Fast Track is a unique feature as the Sentences are grouped by difficulty, available for daily vocabulary of popular languages.
Text-to-speech audio for better speaking practice of foreign language.
Compare yous score with other players on the language games leaderboard

Subscribe to Clozemaster Pro for even faster language learning - full access to everything on Clozemaster,, unlimited listening practice, learn languages and learn words in offline mode, and more!

We're always working to improve the language learning experience. If you notice any issues, find any bugs, have any foreign language requests or feature requests, or there's anything else we can do to help you learn languages and daily vocabulary to be fluent forever please let us know!

[email protected]

If you want to learn another language which is not in Clozemaster yet please let us know what we should add to the learn languages list. We’re always working to add new lists of popular learn words.

Over 100 foreign language pairings available with more being added all the time.

Learn languages from our list: Spanish, French, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Japanese language games, Mandarin Chinese traditional or learn another language but simple Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Cantonese, fluent forever in Esperanto, Turkish, Swedish, Tagalog, daily vocabulary in Norwegian, Latin, Herben, Romanian, Persian Farsi, Finnish, Ukrainian, Icelandic, Hungarian, Croatian, Hindi, Danish, Toki Pona, how to learn languages, for example Indonesian? Czech, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Estonian, Albanian, Welsh, Catalan language games, Serbian, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Viddish, Lithuanian, Amharic, learn words from Georgian, Armenian language learning, Occitan, Belarusian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Latvian, Interlingue, Breton, Kazakh, Slovenian, Bengali, Galician, Maori, Conhish, Macedonian, Lojban, Nahuatl, Guarani, Piedmontese.

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Clozemaster: learn words easy

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