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Language Transfer
Language Transfer Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Language courses that make you think. Zero ads, purchases, or subscriptions. 4.9

Language Transfer Free Premium & No Ads

Language Transfer provides free audio courses that teach you to take control of your thought process. There's no sign-up, no ads, and nothing to pay for — just pick a language and start learning!

Available courses:

- Complete Spanish
- Complete Greek
- Complete Swahili
- Complete German (work in progress)
- Introduction to Arabic
- Introduction to Turkish
- Introduction to Italian
- Introduction to French
- Introducción a Inglés (para Hispanohablantes)

This app provides the same audio available for free on, but allows you to download tracks in advance, save your progress, and listen with your phone locked. If you're ever having trouble with the app, you can always visit or find the courses on SoundCloud and YouTube.

We collect some anonymous usage data so we can improve the app and learn about how users are engaging with the lessons. You can learn more in the About section of the app, or turn off this data collection in the Settings pane.

The source code for the Language Transfer app is available on GitHub:

Language Transfer Premiums, No Ads, and Gift Codes for PC, iOS and Android

Language Transfer App Mods and Features

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Language Transfer

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