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Swipe Brick Breaker
TDI x TIA Strategy, Tips, and Tricks ★ the simplest brick breaker game, Swipe brick breaker ★ 4.4

Swipe Brick Breaker Free Premium & No Ads

Swipe Brick Breaker loved by 10 million users, start now!

A game that you will become addicted to without realizing it while using your wits and control to smash bricks!

[Features of Swipe Brick Breaker]
Even if you turn off the game, you can play indefinitely unless it's game over!
You can play comfortably without Wi-Fi!
Enjoy the game faster and more fun with Speed ​​Mode and Power Mode!
Blow dozens of balls with just a touch to smash bricks and challenge your high score!

[How to Swipe Brick Breaker]
1. Swipe the ball to destroy the bricks.
2. When the ball collides, the durability of the bricks decreases, and when the durability reaches 0, the bricks are destroyed.
3. The number of balls increases when you win the green circle.
4. When the bricks come down to the bottom line, the game is over.

Swipe Brick Breaker is a free game.
Swipe Brick Breaker contains ads.
Swipe Brick Breaker includes in-app purchases in the game.

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Thank you for playing Swipe Brick Breaker.
Have fun!

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Swipe Brick Breaker
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