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foobar2000 controller
Sergi Mola Strategy, Tips, and Tricks Enjoy controlling your foobar2000 from your Android device! 4.6

foobar2000 controller Free Premium & No Ads

foobar2000 controller PRO is now FREE. Get that one instead and ditch this one.
I'll leave it here for historic reasons.

Follow the basic installation steps specified here:

Control your remote foobar2000 with your Android device! This application needs foobar2000 working in the computer and 2 more components installed in foobar 2000.

Components needed:
- foo_httpcontrol
- foo_playcount (optional)

* Widget (PRO version)
* Album art
* Common playback controls (Play/Pause, Next/Previous song, Shuffle ON/OFF)
* Control time with progress bar
* Playlist function
* Manage playlist function (add new playlist, add/remove elements by browsing files)
* Search function
* Rate current-playing song and any song in the playlist
* Queue/Dequeue elements from playlist
* Advanced search method (More of the sameā€¦artist, album or rating)
* Switch between playlists
* Configurable shake actions
* Use your device volume keys to control foobar's volume
* Wake-on-LAN
* Multi-server
* Pause/Mute on incoming calls
* Fully compatible with WaveControl (
* Fully compatible with headset controls and media buttons

Enjoy it!

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foobar2000 controller

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