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Screen Recorder Video Recorder
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Screen Recorder Video Recorder Free Premium & No Ads

Screen Recorder is a screen recorder no root app to record games and capture your mobile screen in video formats with or without front camera

This new feature is a great way to drive competition among your players at global and local level. Leaderboard shows the top players on weekly ranking or at all time ranking.

Screen recorder app gives you more fun with mini games in the app where you can play games and at the same time you can record games or live stream through different platforms.

Record Gameplay
With a screen recorder you can record screen of your gameplay with the Screen Recording option in our app. You can take advantage of features like overlay frames and pause banners while streaming and recording gameplay. In overlay frames you can add frames of your choice and you can also add a pause banner whenever you want to pause your live stream video.

With Screen recorder you can stream gameplay to show your skills or stream films, TV shows, and sports events, live shows and more to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch & GameSee.

Using the front camera will help you capture your own video and also the mobile screen recording at the same time. This option is best for recording the tutorials of any app. Screen recorder with a facecam helps to adjust the Facecam size and drag it to any position.

Auto Recording
Auto recording enables you to start recording your screen automatically as you open any app or game. Manage the apps/games that you want to enable this feature for.

Screen Recording
Screen recording of any app available on your mobile device can be done in live application usage mode, like typing any message, record video calls, viewing any video or listening to any audio or anything available on the mobile screen can be recorded

Audio Recording
This app allows screen recording with audio even without the front camera or with the front camera of your mobile as per your choice

Screen Recorder with whiteboard feature is a magic slate for everyone.You can draw and create tutorials with a whiteboard screen, write anything on this digital whiteboard.

No internet needed
Screen recorder HD app doesn’t use any data/ internet, as we don’t upload any recording to any cloud network or server. All the videos are recorded and saved locally on phone/SD card memory

Cloud Storage
Users can create storytelling presentations, videography of still pictures with help of this Screen Recorder tool and can upload it on video streaming cloud

Video Sharing
App user has the choice to share it through Facebook video, youtube, email, Bluetooth or any other sharing mode

Upload to YouTube
Screen recorder for Youtube video recorders, content creators and App Reviewers/ Recorders can use this easy tool for creating high-quality HD videos and later upload and monetize the content on their own video channels

Professional Controls
This is the app without any restriction to record screen and capture screenshots of your mobile screen. We allow the recorders to choose the options
• Quality of resolution
• Option to set the Frame rate
• Option to set the Bit rate
• Option to choose the orientation as Portrait or Landscape
• Option to choose whether the Audio recording to be done or not

External Storage
You can record long videos without worrying while saving on External Memory

Make Tutorials
App Marketers/Developers can use this tool to create the video presentations, tutorials The front camera can make it really much more interactive

Floating Button
Easy & Fast access to screen recording controls from Notification bar to ensure the screen recording is fast and quick for users.

This app uses Accessibility permission on Android devices to enable the auto recording feature.

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