MueTube - Free music app (2024) Redeem Codes & Remove Ads Mod

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MueTube - Free music app
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MueTube - Free music app Free Premium & No Ads

MueTube provides you an unrestricted platform to search, share, save and listen to songs, albums, mixtapes, playlists, remixes, audiobooks, podcasts, vlogs, documentaries, videos, radio and much more.

Do whatever else you wish to on your device, such as view comments, look up lyrics, take pictures, browse the web/social media, read e-books, chat with friends, etc.

Use in-line/Bluetooth and notification/widget controls to operate the player, which can be expanded to full-screen of upto 4K quality or shrunk as a floating-window.

Setup auto-stop and radio-alarm features to ensure the player stops/starts at a chosen time, such as before bed and/or upon awakening.

Tons of useful features, including an equalizer, customisable notification/widget buttons and and extra browser window, makes MueTube a must-have for music-lovers and learners.


A single banner ad, which will not interrupt play, is placed at the bottom.
A one-off payment, lasting the length of time that the app remains installed on your device, can be made to unlock the ability to remove ONLY the single banner ad.
This app does not have total control over other ads that are shown by the services/websites you use within this app.

▶ Extra browser window, for any other website, radio station, etc...
▶ Shake/flip gestures to pause music or like videos
▶ Customise notification & widget controls
▶ Multiple widgets for homescreen
▶ Equalizer
▶ Floating window
▶ Dark mode
▶ Sleep/shutdown timer
▶ Radio alarm
▶ Add to queue, shuffle, filter playlists/subscriptions
▶ Multiple language support
▶ Enhanced UI/UX
▶ New Features

Available exclusively for Android (Lollipop/5.0/API 21 and above) devices.

No login/registration required.
Requires a steady internet connection and adequate free memory on the device to run smoothly.
For personal, entertainment and educational use only.

MueTube - Free music app Premiums, No Ads, and Gift Codes for PC, iOS and Android

MueTube - Free music App Mods and Features

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MueTube - Free music app

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MueTube - Free music app Review

Are you a music enthusiast looking for a free and convenient way to access your favorite tunes? Look no further than MueTube - the revolutionary free music app that offers a wide range of features to enhance your music streaming experience. From in-app subscriptions to premium passes, and a variety of assets and resources, MueTube has something for every music lover.

Free Premium Access with MueTube

One of the standout features of MueTube is its free premium access, which allows users to enjoy an ad-free music listening experience. With the no ads script and remove ads script, users can say goodbye to interruptions and immerse themselves in their favorite tracks without any distractions.

Unlock VIP Passes and Monthly Subscriptions

For those seeking an elevated music streaming experience, MueTube offers free VIP passes and monthly subscriptions. With the help of the gift card codes generator and redeem code feature, users can access premium content and exclusive perks without spending a dime. The anti-ban script ensures that users can safely utilize these free features without any risk.

Get Access to Unlimited Resources

Whether you're an Android or iOS user, MueTube provides unlocked access to a wealth of resources, including money, without any human verification, survey, or other verification processes. With the help of mods and cheats, users can elevate their music app experience and unlock new levels of convenience and enjoyment.


With MueTube, music lovers can access a plethora of premium features and resources for free. By utilizing the online generator, cheats, hacks, and mods, users can enhance their music streaming experience without any hassle. However, it's important to note that these tools should be used at the user's own risk.

For more information and to stay updated on the latest promotions and free gift codes, visit the MueTube website and take advantage of these incredible offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use the online generator, cheats, hacks, and mods?

While these tools can enhance your experience, it's essential to use them at your own risk and exercise caution when accessing third-party features.

How can I access free gift codes for MueTube?

Stay updated on the latest promotions and offerings on the MueTube website to access free gift codes and other exclusive rewards.