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Habro: habit tracker for kids
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A breakthrough in childcare! A new method based on the famous marshmallow test helps your child develop good habits and improve self-control.


– Your child throws a fit in a toy store
– You can't get your child off their phone
– You child forgets to brush their teeth
– Your child avoids helping around the house
– Your child's grades are slipping

There's a solution - a method based on the delayed gratification test, a.k.a. the marshmallow experiment.


Our method is based on a 40-year Stanford research which showed the importance of patience and self-control. Here's how the famous experiment went:
1. A group of children were offered a choice: to get one marshmallow immediately 🍧 or wait and get two marshmallows later🍧🍧.
2. Only one out of three children were patient enough ⏰ to get the double reward. Those children showed higher levels of self-control at a very young age.

Years later those children got a number of advantages over the ones who couldn't wait: they had better scores in their school tests, were more successful at work, got greater results in sports 🚀

We see that people with a high level of self-control are less likely to get a in a loan scam, or have trouble with the law, or overspend on impulse buys.


The ability to delay gratification is a sign of high emotional intelligence. This ability is the key to reaching our long-term goals.

Athletes have to go through long and painful training to win a competition. Entrepreneurs invest all their money and time to reap the benefits later. Getting in shape sometimes requires saying no to delicious snacks. It's self-discipline and the ability to resist temptation that really stands behind every success story.


Self-discipline is basically a set of good habits. Good habits help us use our time efficiently. We believe that developing them at a young age is very important.

With our help, you can start with these essential habits for children: tooth brushing, picking up toys, sticking to one bedtime, helping clean the house, doing exercise daily, having a glass of water in the morning, doing homework regularly.

We realize that when it comes to your child, you know best which habits are essential. That's why we give you an option to create custom habits.


The Marshmallow method is based on the principles of delayed gratification and positive reinforcement.

According to scientists, it takes 21 days to form a habit. This process is visualized by the progress tower which has 21 floors. As you check off a habit daily, you move up the tower one floor per day.

Set a small reward for a 7-day streak and a bigger reward for a 21-day streak. It can be anything you like. Just make sure that the 21-day reward is much more tempting than the 7-day one so you don't lose interest after completing the 7-day streak.

If the child chooses to take the 7-day reward, the progress tower falls. In that case, the only way to get the big reward is to start over.


Marshmallow has mascots who accompany your child on the way up the progress tower and make acquiring new habits even more fun.

As your child completes tasks and checks off habits, the mascots evolve. Once a habit is acquired, the mascots get a makeover, which demonstrates the power of good habits and keeps the child interested.


Family access allows you to add up to five family members and track you child's progress together.

Reminders are an important part of any planner or health app. We've created a flexible notification system with multiple timers. It allows you to check off habits on different days and keep the weekends reminder-free.

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Habro: habit tracker for kids

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Habro: Habit Tracker for Kids Review

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Habro, the ultimate habit tracker designed specifically for kids. In this article, we will explore the unique features, benefits, and functionality of this amazing app that helps children develop healthy habits in a fun, engaging way. Let's dive right in!

The Unique Aspects of Habro

1. Interactive and Engaging Interface: Habro is designed with a vibrant and user-friendly interface that captivates kids' attention from the moment they start using it. The app utilizes colorful graphics and animations to make habit tracking an exciting experience.

2. Customizable Habit Categories: With Habro, parents have the flexibility to create personalized habit categories based on their child's individual needs and interests. From brushing teeth to completing homework, Habro covers it all.

3. Reward System: Habro employs a reward system that motivates children to stay consistent with their habits. Kids can earn virtual rewards and unlock exciting in-app content as they achieve their goals, providing them with a sense of accomplishment and encouragement.

4. Habit Streaks and Progress Tracking: Habro allows children to track their habit streaks and monitor their progress effortlessly. Visual representations such as graphs and charts provide a clear overview of their achievements, making it easy for kids to stay motivated.

5. Parental Monitoring: Parents can actively participate in their child's habit-building journey through Habro's parental monitoring feature. They can keep track of their kid's progress, set reminders, and even provide gentle nudges when needed.

Habro Mods and Premium Hack Tools

While Habro offers an impressive range of features, it's important to note that using mods, cheats, generators, or hack tools is not safe, legal, or ethical. These unauthorized methods can compromise the app's integrity and may put your child's data at risk. It is always recommended to use Habro as intended, without any external modifications.

Habro VIP and No Ads Script

Habro offers a VIP subscription plan for users who want to unlock additional features and enjoy an ad-free experience. By subscribing to Habro VIP, you can enhance your child's habit tracking journey and eliminate any distractions caused by ads. There's also a convenient No Ads Script available to remove ads without subscribing to VIP.

Gift Card Codes Generator and Redeem Code

It's important to note that using gift card codes generators or redeem codes from unauthorized sources can lead to account suspension or other penalties. We strongly advise against using such methods. Instead, consider purchasing legitimate gift cards from trusted retailers to enhance your child's experience with Habro.

Anti-Ban Script, No Human Verification, and No Survey

Habro does not endorse or support the use of anti-ban scripts, no human verification methods, or surveys. These approaches often exploit loopholes and violate the terms of service, potentially causing harm to your child's account or device. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it is best to use Habro without any external interference.

Habro Unlocked for Android and iOS

Habro is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing children to access this incredible habit tracker regardless of their preferred platform. The app offers a seamless user experience on both operating systems, ensuring that every child can benefit from its features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Habro safe to use for kids?

A: Absolutely! Habro is designed with the utmost consideration for children's safety. It complies with strict privacy regulations and provides a secure environment for kids to develop good habits.

Q: Can I track multiple children's habits within the app?

A: Yes, Habro allows you to create profiles for multiple children, making it convenient to track their individual habits and progress all in one place.

Q: How can I subscribe to Habro VIP?

A: To subscribe to Habro VIP, simply navigate to the app's settings and select the VIP subscription option. Follow the prompts to complete the subscription process.

Q: Can I use Habro on my tablet?

A: Yes, Habro is optimized for both smartphones and tablets, ensuring a fantastic user experience on any compatible device.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with Habro?

A: Habro is free to download and offers a wide range of features without any additional costs. However, there is a VIP subscription available for users who wish to access exclusive content and remove ads.

In conclusion, Habro is a remarkable habit tracker for kids that combines fun, engagement, and effective habit-building. With its interactive interface, customizable features, and parental monitoring capabilities, it offers a comprehensive solution for children's habit development. Remember to use Habro responsibly and avoid any unauthorized modifications or methods that may compromise your child's experience. Download Habro today and witness the positive impact it can have on your child's life!

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