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DigiCard-Business Card Scanner
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DigiCard-Business Card Scanner Free Premium & No Ads

DigiCard is an eco-friendly business card application which can be used on phones and tablets. It can scan your printed business cards and save personal information automatically. Therefore, you can get rid of keeping your cards and recycle them. Without printing, you can share digital cards which you design on your phone or tablet. You can make calls, send messages or e-mails and take directions to addresses using cards you saved. DigiCard is integrated with Google Drive, so your data is never be lost.


Business card scanner/reader: Scan your visitor cards and save them to your phone or tablet. DigiCard is a smart business card app holds your visiting cards.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) : Crop cards manually or automatically, edit texts recognized by DigiCard as you like and add more information.
Business Card Maker/Designer: Create your own business card on your phone or tablet, choose a card design, change colors and fonts as you desire. DigiCard is an alternative business card creator.
Business Card Holder: You can add more information than your regular business cards and you can also store them digitally.
Share/Exchange visitor cards: Exchange your cards easily with NFC, Bluetooth or WiFi. Send your cards to people, even they do not have DigiCard.
Interactive Business Card App: Make your business card publicly reachable using WiFi and broadcast it to people on crowded places like congresses or fairs.
Easy to use business card tool: Search cards easily according to name, company, profession, etc. Make a call, send a message or e-mail and take direction to an address with only one click.
Back Up: Back up your cards to your own Google Drive account and do not risk losing them.
Export to Device Contacts List: You can export your cards to device contacts list now.
Save to Device Contacts List Option: When you save your cards, you can also save them to device contacts list automatically.
Save as vCard: You can save your contact information as a vCard file (.vcf).
Export as a csv file:You can export your business cards as a csv file and import to Google Contacts, MS Outlook or MS Excel.
Share vCard:When you share your card, vcard file will be sent also. So, people who does not use DigiCard can save your contact information easily.
Social Network:You can add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube links to your cards.
E-Mail Signature:You can add your signature to e-mails.
Add Notes:You can add notes when you save your business cards.
Export to Google Contacts: You can export your business cards to Google Contacts directly.

Everything is easier on DigiCard. 
No more printing business cards! 
Save the trees, save the planet!

DigiCard-Business Card Scanner Premiums, No Ads, and Gift Codes for PC, iOS and Android

DigiCard-Business Card Scanner App Mods and Features

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DigiCard-Business Card Scanner

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DigiCard-Business Card Scanner Review

Are you tired of manually entering business card details into your contacts? Look no further than DigiCard-Business Card Scanner! This handy app allows you to scan and digitize business cards with ease, saving you time and effort. But did you know that you can access premium features for free? Read on to discover how you can enjoy a VIP pass and monthly subscription without spending a dime!

Free Premium Access and VIP Passes

With DigiCard-Business Card Scanner, you can unlock premium features such as ad-free scanning and unlimited card storage at no cost. Simply use the online generator to acquire free VIP passes and monthly subscriptions. Say goodbye to annoying ads and enjoy seamless scanning without any interruptions!

Access Exclusive Assets and Resources

By using cheats, hacks, or mods, you can access valuable assets and resources in DigiCard-Business Card Scanner for free. Whether you need extra storage for your scanned cards or advanced scanning features, you can obtain them without spending a single penny. Maximize your productivity and make the most out of this incredible app with these free resources!

Current Promotions and Gift Codes

Don't miss out on the latest promotions and gift codes available for DigiCard-Business Card Scanner. Stay updated with the most recent free rewards and redeem codes to enhance your scanning experience. These exclusive offers can be yours for free, providing you with additional perks and benefits!

Using Tools at Your Own Risk

While legitimate and safe gift cards, mods, free subscriptions, and gift codes are available for use, it's important to remember that using these tools comes with a certain level of risk. Exercise caution and discretion when utilizing online generators or cheats. Always consider the potential consequences and use these resources responsibly.


Is it safe to use the online generator for DigiCard-Business Card Scanner?

While the online generator may offer free premium access, it's essential to proceed with caution and understand the potential risks involved.

Can I acquire free subscriptions and VIP passes without spending money?

Yes, you can obtain free subscriptions and VIP passes for DigiCard-Business Card Scanner through various means such as cheats, hacks, or mods.

Are there any legitimate promotions or gift codes available for DigiCard-Business Card Scanner?

Yes, stay informed about the latest promotions and gift codes to access free rewards and additional benefits for the app.

Remember, your scanning experience doesn't have to be limited by costs. With the right tools and resources, you can enjoy premium features and exclusive perks without breaking the bank. Unlock the full potential of DigiCard-Business Card Scanner and streamline your business card management today!

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